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How to Properly Store WhiskeyIf you want to know more about whisky, then you have found your home at the Whisky Grotto. As those who love good whisky, we understand that this remarkable drink has more than a history. It is part of what makes being at home, enjoying the company of friends and family, or reflecting on old times even more enjoyable.

Who We Are

We are whisky lovers just like you. I prefer Maker’s Mark, but I also appreciate the many different whisky brands that are available. It is through this love of whisky that the idea for the Whisky Grotto was born. Over time, we are planning to greatly expand the information provided to help those who are just starting out or how have appreciated whisky for many years.

What We Provide

You will find plenty about whisky and whisky-related topics that offer valuable information. Some of the topics that we cover in the world of whisky include the following;


You’ll find reviews of popular brands of whisky along with new whisky products. This means that you can keep up with the latest products in the Whisky Grotto thanks to our clear, concise reviews. The reviews will also offer suggestions on what you might be interested in sampling.

Storage Tips

It’s not just making the purchase – it’s storing the whisky properly that really counts. You’ll find informative articles on the proper storage and care of whisky. Whether you have a full basement for the job or just a small space in a cabinet, you can store whisky properly with the help of our articles.

Whisky Sommelier Tips

You can become a whisky sommelier in just a short time. You’ll understand what a whisky sommelier is, what it requires, and how it can benefit you.

And we offer so much more. Basically, if you love whisky and are interested in all the topics related to this historic drink, then we have the information here for you. We add new articles regularly and will gladly answer your questions and act upon suggestions

Thanks for Reading!

We are dedicated to the love and appreciate of whisky and want to share our passion with you. Our website is here to provide more information about whisky-related topics presented in a clear, concise form.

If you love whisky, then you have found your home at the Whisky Grotto. Come in, pour yourself a glass, and savor the information we provide about this most enjoyable topic.