Does Whiskey Go Bad?

Single malt whiskey

There are many people that think their whiskey is never going to go bad over time. You will never have the chance to challenge your friends over a bad whiskey since you will probably have consumed it all. Whiskey is not sensitive like other spirits, but still has a certain expiration date. Every whiskey has …

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Does Whiskey Have Carbs?

Glass of whiskey with ice cube

We are certain that all whiskey products have carbs. This is something nobody can deny since most of the modern whiskeys are processed with some kind of sugar and barley. Barley, rye, and corn are commonly used for whiskey distilled products and have sugars in their synthesis. Are there good or bad carbs in whiskey? …

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Does Scotch Have Carbs?

Glass of whiskey

All scotch drinkers agree that this spirit includes a lot of energy. This type of energy is calculated in carbs that give our bodies energy, the most prominent of which is sugar. All this sugar is used to move our muscles and make our brains work every time we need to put forth intellectual effort. …

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What is the Difference between Scotch and Whiskey?

Scotch and whiskey bottles

Many people don’t know the difference between scotch and whiskey. However, the difference is significant since the two products are made from completely different grains. All whiskey drinkers are well-informed about the benefits of these two spirits. Many distilleries are also getting new casks to try to find ways to attract more people. Whiskey and …

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