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Bullet Whiskey Glass Review: Is it Worth the Money?

There is no doubt that whiskey drinking has been developing with double-digit growth. People all around the globe want to devote time and money to their precious whiskey. But not only is the type of alcohol important; the glass you are serving it in is, as well.

For many years, the normal round-shaped whiskey glasses were conquering the market. However, there were not enough variations of them to create special brands. That is why there were premium whiskeys, no premium glasses to drink them in.

This situation has been radically changed since a new model of whiskey glass has been introduced to the public. It offers benefits that other glasses don’t, which is the reason many people have opted to use it to enjoy their whiskey.

Lucky Shot .308 Real Bullet Handmade Whiskey Glass

This is the type of whiskey glass that most real drinkers are choosing when drinking with their friends. First, it is made of a special type of glass that gives it extra strength when you are holding it. This glass is tempered to give it extra endurance every time you raise the glass in the air.

This glass is perfect for mild impacts when you want to celebrate and say “cheers” to your friends. It is also transparent, so you can easily check out the real color of your whiskey. This is important, since most people today want to see the real color of their drink.

Bring Tradition to Modern Whiskey Drinking

Additionally, this whiskey glass has a bullet encased in its sides, giving the impression that the glass is bullet proof. This is an excellent marketing campaign by the creators of whiskey sales channels. It can accentuate the stereotypical character of whiskey drinkers. The sight of the bullet can also remind you of the wild west, which is the homeland of real American whiskey.

Here are some of the benefits for the professional whiskey drinker who uses the Lucky Shot glass.


  • A real .308 bullet is embedded in the glass to remind you of the hardness of whiskey drinkers.
  • Since it is hand-made, it can easily hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite whiskey drink.
  • All bullets are safe for drinking. No lead is included. The gunpowder has also been taken away for your safety.
  • This glass is a perfect gift idea for those who view whiskey drinking as a hobby and not as a regularity.
  • The bullet style can show you that you have reached your goals and is perfect to celebrate an exceptional event for the whiskey drinker.
  • It is a popular item that many people like to decorate their own houses with, as well


  • Cannot be easily washed in a dishwasher due to the presence of the real bullet.

This is the whiskey glass that can help you celebrate your goals and make you the center of the attention. It is certainly a bargain that you don’t want to miss, since nobody knows if the company will ever market such glasses again.

Furthermore, this glass comes with a great story, giving you an insight into how whiskey was consumed in the past. Bullets were a normal part of life in the wild west of the 19th century, so this glass could have been very popular in this era. With every sip you take, glance at the bullet and imagine how harsh life was in those places.

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