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How Many Calories are in a Shot of Whiskey?

Some people think that drinking whiskey is not going to add any empty calories to their daily intake. They are completely wrong, since whiskey consumption can be one of the greatest reasons for rapid weight gain.

This happens primarily because of the high concentration of pure alcohol in every serving of whiskey. Most whiskeys have a 40% concentration of pure alcohol in them. This means that whiskey gives you more calories that you would ever think could be added from a simple drink.

Daily Whiskey Intake Can Make You Obese

When enjoying a single shot of whiskey, you generally consume 10ml of the distilled substance. This is equal to 4ml of pure alcohol, which comes up to 36 calories gained by your body. In case you are not spending much time in the gym training yourself, this caloric intake can contribute directly to your fat tissue.

The alcohol in whiskey continues to be one of the easiest substances to absorb in the world. It passes through your stomach and intestines to end up in your liver, where it turns into simple sugars. That is why you are gaining extra pounds when drinking a lot of whiskey.

How Different is a Shot from a Regular Glass?

A shot of whiskey is a little portion that can give you a buzz after drinking it. The whiskey glass is a larger portion that generally equals at least two shots. This means that you can easily get drunk with a regular glass rather than with a shot.

Both of them give extra calories to your body, no matter what your daily dietary intake is. Shots are giving you the false perception that you are not drinking a substantial portion of alcohol and, thus, that you are not gaining any pounds.

This is not true, since whether you are drinking shots or regular glasses of whiskey you are getting more calories that you should have. Shots can encourage you to drink lots of them to satisfy yourself and have the optimum buzz when you need it.

Are There Any Good Whiskey Calories?

Whiskey is always giving you empty calories. That means you are getting energy that goes directly to your fat tissues without any chance to give other nutrients to your body. This is why most people try to avoid regular whiskey drinking.

Calories are not the main issue when drinking whiskey regularly. Your liver function may be severely deregulated by the presence of alcohol in your blood. Whiskey shots are as deadly as glasses. They are easier to drink, so you may go for multiple shots, which doesn’t typically happen whiskey glasses.

Most pubs and bars are promoting whiskey shots in place of whiskey glasses. They are more profitable for them and they can provide the same caloric intake for people that are normal whiskey drinkers.

Spirits are always giving you calories that you really don’t need throughout the day. They are not vital and are not helpful to any other system of your body. You have to make sure that you are only getting a fraction of your daily calories in the form of alcohol contained in your whiskey shots.

When you are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, whiskey shots can offer you nothing but pain and calories that can end in fat formation.

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