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Does Whiskey Go Bad?

There are many people that think their whiskey is never going to go bad over time. You will never have the chance to challenge your friends over a bad whiskey since you will probably have consumed it all. Whiskey is not sensitive like other spirits, but still has a certain expiration date.

Every whiskey has a special ability to interact with the air. The latter can cause oxidization to the upper layers of the whiskey. This will give you a lower-quality whiskey, since the oxidized particles have a nasty taste that nobody likes.

Fortunately, all these oxidization reactions take a lot of time to occur. This aspect gives you a lot of time to consume the whiskey with your friends before it reaches the oxidization phase.

Although, you have lots of time to spend with your whiskey, there is no chance you can abolish its calories when it is aged and matured in casks.

Special Information about Whiskey Maturity

Whiskey is a great spirit adored by many people worldwide. Sometimes when you want to serve it in festivities, you can give it in a shot portion. This makes you think that you are not consuming the same number of calories as you would if you were drinking a glass of whiskey.

This is partially correct since with the shots you are drinking a substantially smaller portion of whiskey. However, you are psychologically ready to drink more whiskey shots when you are close to your friends. This is the reason you continue to gain weight, even when you are drinking whiskey products in shot portions.

Another issue is the maturity level of the whiskey you are consuming. The most matured whiskeys are the ones you would probably want to try in shots. These whiskeys are generally more costly than regular ones, so when you drink them in shots portions you are certainly paying less.

However, matured whiskeys usually have more alcoholic grades than the regular ones, increasing the amount of pure alcohol coming directly into your body. This means you are consuming more calories at a time, so at the end of the night you will feel more obese than ever before.

How Can You Tell if Your Whiskey Is Going Bad?

There is no magical way to take the calories out of a whiskey shot. However, there are some tricks that you can follow to make your life easier and healthier.

Drink Whiskey in Smaller Shots

This will help you control the portions you are drinking and, of course, reduce your calorie intake with every sip.

Choose the Regular Whiskey Brands

This preference of regular whiskey brands will ensure that the alcoholic grade will remain close to 40%. Many premium whiskey brands have an alcoholic grade which comes close to 60% and can give you substantially more calories than the simple ones.

Never Drink Your Whiskey Shots Alone

When you are alone, you don’t have other things to do and may find yourself constantly thinking about or craving whiskey. Therefore, it is better for you to share moments with your friends and loved ones and chat with them while drinking whiskey.

You will then see yourself holding the same whiskey shot for multiple hours. This practice can substantially reduce the number of calories you are taking in.


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