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Does Whiskey Have Carbs?

We are certain that all whiskey products have carbs. This is something nobody can deny since most of the modern whiskeys are processed with some kind of sugar and barley. Barley, rye, and corn are commonly used for whiskey distilled products and have sugars in their synthesis.

Are there good or bad carbs in whiskey? This is a question that is not easy to answer. Since those carbs are coming from cereals, the easy answer would be that these carbs are not harmful for your health.

However, some new studies have shown that the carbs you are taking in from cereals and whiskey can cause risk of obesity and heart problems. This is because of the special form of these carbs, which are all ready to be used by your liver.

How Does Your Body Absorb Whiskey Carbs?

When whiskey enters your mouth, the first moments after you swallow it there is a direct absorption of the alcohol from mouth and stomach. This alcohol is reaching your liver in a matter of minutes using the blood arterial circulation. Then it is metabolized in simple carbs that are made from multiple sugar molecules attached to water.

That is why the real name of carbs is carbohydrates, a word which indicates compounds of sugar molecules with water ones. Then the liver cells can store the carbs in the form of glycogen, which is nothing more than long chains of simple sugars connected and spiraled together.

The other option is to let the carbs free float into the blood stream to reach the muscles and brain cells. However, this is not possible when your body is not trained to accomplish this. In normal people, carbs easily get into the Krebs chemical cycle in the liver cells. Then they create fatty acids that enter greater partitions to become fat cells.

As a result, whiskey is easily absorbed by your body and can give you extreme body fat development if you don’t measure its consumption.

Can You Take Carbs Out of Whiskey?

By any means, this would be disastrous for your personal joy and satisfaction when you are drinking whiskey. There is no way you can make whiskey without the use of grains like barley and rye that are full of carbs and sugars.

However, there is a chance to reduce your whiskey carb load: enjoy it without adding any sodas to it. Sodas are a great source of carbs and can give you more chances to gain weight when having your whiskey shots.

No other whiskey type has fewer carbs than the regular ones. When you opt for regular whiskeys, you can be sure that there is less alcohol in them. The premium ones have an improved alcoholic grade that may give you more carbs and calories than regular ones.

Make sure you are getting the best whiskeys so that you give yourself only the highest quality of carbs that are available in nature. The best practice is to enjoy your whiskey plain or just with some ice cubes to dilute it.

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