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How to Drink Single Malt Whiskey

There are certain steps you should follow when you want to enjoy your single malt whiskey. Always keep in mind that this kind of spirit keeps is the king of whiskey, no matter where you may reside in the world. This type of whiskey is made of a single grain and only one variety of barley that gives you a unique taste.

No matter how regularly you drink, you need to determine the best way to drink your single malt whiskey. This way differs a lot from the way you drink regular whiskey that has nothing special to give you in terms of flavor and aromas.

Stages of Drinking a Single Malt Whiskey

There are certain steps that you should follow when you drink your single malt whiskey in a professional way. You don’t want to lose the chance to fully experience the flavors kept inside such a perfect alcoholic beverage.

Make Sure the Single Malt Has the Right Color

You can easily pour your whiskey in a transparent glass and thoroughly check the color of the single malt whiskey. The maturity level of your whiskey determines the darkness of the color. However, most drinkers think that color shows how many years have passed for your whiskey to mature in the cask.

This is not true and there are many analyses against that argument.

Get Your Nose Involved

When you have chosen the right glass for tasting your single malt whiskey, then getting your nose closer is absolutely necessary. Not all notes of the single malt aromas can be smelled with the first pass.

This is why regular drinkers smell their whiskey several times before they actually try them. The joyful procedure starts from the time you put your nose close to the glass.

Taste It

This is the most important stage of drinking a single malt. It can give you sentiments of satisfaction and lot of warmness. But you don’t have to drink your single malt mechanically. There is a great benefit in holding the whiskey in your mouth for several moments so that you can distinguish all the different aromas and flavors coming from the special cask.

You May Add Water and Other Cocktail Mixers

Although you may be mature enough not to alter the flavor of your single malt whiskey by adding water or ice, this is a reality for many bartenders around the world.

People are willing to spend more money when their single malt is not diluted by any kind of purified water. Furthermore, there is a slight chance that flavor is going to be altered after the adjustment of the ice and water portions.

This is why adding water and ice to your single malt whiskey continues to be a customizable issue that any user can anticipate resolving on their own. Single malt whiskey is hard to find, and if you finally do, you are going to spend a fortune on it.

You have to make sure that the money spent is worth the pain and try to drink your single malt with the same ambition as in the past.

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