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How to Properly Store Whiskey

If you enjoy a glass of whiskey once in a while you want to make sure that you know the best ways to store it, right?

You don’t want your whiskey to go bad while you’re waiting to finish it off.

That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the different options when it comes to keeping your whiskey ready for you.

Before You Open the Bottle

Now, before you open the bottle you want to make sure that you follow four important rules.

These will keep your whiskey ready and in the best possible quality until you’re ready to open the bottle.

1. Keep it Away from the Light

Direct sunlight will hurt your whiskey, setting off different types of chemical reactions that greatly affect the color as well as the flavor.

Dark areas that include a darkened pantry or a wine cellar are a good idea or (at the very least) you’ll want a case with UV protective coating.

2. Keep it in a Cool Place

You want to make sure that your whiskey is stored somewhere between 59 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

This will keep it tasting great and will make sure that you keep out oxygen.

Whiskey that gets too heated or that is stored through different temperatures will actually get more oxygen and that will destroy the flavor of your whiskey over time.

3. Keep the Bottles Standing

Your bottles should always remain standing upright.

If you do you’re going to keep the whiskey itself away from the cork that stoppers the bottle.

If you lay it down, however, you’re going to have whiskey directly in contact with the cork, which can actually deteriorate the cork and allow oxygen into the whiskey.

4. Moisten the Cork

When you are storing your whiskey for an extended period you do want to turn the bottle so the whiskey can moisten the cork (but not sit on the cork for extended periods).

This keeps the cork from breaking down over time as it gets too dry.

After You Open the Bottle

There are five different steps when it comes to protecting your whiskey after opening, so make sure you pay attention to each of these.

1. Keep Away from Heat

You still want to keep your whiskey away from any type of light or heat.

This means keeping it right back where you had it before, in a cool and dark space.

2. Keep the Container Sealed

You want to make sure your bottle stays fully sealed and that might require you to get an actual bottle cap or a sealed glass container rather than the regular bottle with the cork.

3. Use a Decanter

Decanters can be a great way to keep your whiskey completely sealed.

You want to make sure that you also use something that looks great and isn’t made of lead.

The lead (like from leaded crystal) can actually get into your whiskey if you leave it there too long.

4. Drink it Quickly

If your whiskey bottle starts to get low you want to drink the remainder more quickly.

The more space in the bottle the more oxidation occurs and that means that your whiskey will start to change in flavor.

5. Spray it Down

There are actually whiskey preservation sprays that you can use to protect your whiskey from oxygen.

You can find these just about anywhere and they’re typically considered wine-preserving sprays.


With each of these tips, you can make sure that your whiskey is going to taste great when you get around to drinking it, whether you’ve already opened it or not.

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