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Is Whiskey Gluten-Free?

Many people nowadays are suffering from gluten intolerance, which is a persistent disorder giving you a lot of pain in the abdominal area. These people can never be sure if they could possibly have the chance to enjoy t whiskey when going out at night with friends.

Since whiskey is made from grains and grains are cereals, there are a lot of carbs in them. That means you always need to determine if the right carb is in your whiskey and whether this contains any gluten particles in the mixture.

Generally, in recent years most of the great brand distilleries have stated which of their products are gluten free. This is an easy guide to check if your favorite whiskey falls into this special category.

How Can Whiskey Be Gluten Free?

There is a simple procedure that distillers are following to ensure that fermentation of grains is happening the right way and at the most appropriate time. Gluten is a type of sugar that naturally exists in all types of grain.

However, when these grains are fermented to create whiskey, this part of the mixture is omitted or filtered through the multiple distillation processes. When you are passing your whiskey from multiple casks and containers, the single grain particles are left outside of the mixture to give you only a purified alcoholic beverage.

That is why modern whiskey brands are promoting their premium products instead of the basic options. The premium whiskey has been passed through multiple distillation sessions and filtering. It is thus relieved of all grains particles and, of course, gluten that may harm your natural ability to digest and give you intestinal pain and gassy feelings.

Which Whiskey Types Are Usually Gluten Free?

This has to be confirmed by the distiller, but as a general rule, all whiskeys that are designated as premium are more likely to have zero gluten inside. There is no way you can identify gluten inside a whiskey bottle. However, when you are buying a type of whiskey that has stayed in its cask for more than five years to mature, then you probably don’t have to worry about gluten particles.

Bourbon whiskeys are usually made of corn and rye that naturally contain huge portions of gluten. However, American distillers are creating a premium brand for their basic whiskey extracts that can easily support multiple distillation of the product.

This way, you can be positive that gluten is going not going to be in your whiskey serving once and for all. Not to mention that there are other whiskey types that are naturally gluten free. These include Irish whiskey and single malt Scotch whiskey that is made from a single grain variety.

These types of whiskey stay in their oak casks a lot longer to mature. Gluten diminishes in proportion to the alcohol as time passes, so you can be reassured that there is going to be a lot less than the quantity creating problems to you when consumed.

Finally, these types of whiskey are usually triple-filtered so that they ensure no gluten particle is passing to the final product.

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