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Is Jack Daniels Whiskey or Bourbon?

Jack Daniels has always been a subject of disagreement among the various spirit experts. Some of them support the argument that it should belong to bourbons, while some consider it to be another type of regular whiskey.

There is not a common truth that all of us can listen to and draw our conclusions from. All are based in special testimonies from people who have participated in the creation of both drinks. The country of origin doesn’t always make much difference in naming a spirit a bourbon or whiskey.

However, the taste and flavors are crucial factors in determining whether you are drinking a classic whiskey or a bourbon that has a more modern style.

The Great Story of Jack Daniels

Created in Tennessee, the heart of the American Soul music, Jack Daniels has been the crown jewel of all the American whiskeys. Since before the alcohol ban during the ‘30s in the US, Jack Daniels has been the most widely-known whiskey that has been distilled in America.

Originally, whiskey was made from barley that had been imported to America from Britain and its colonies. After the Revolutionary War, the colonies declared their independence and stopped taking orders from Britain. That was the era when local distillers needed to raise their own crops and cereals to support whiskey production.

This alteration brought to the picture that in southern states, especially Tennessee, there is no chance to grow barley, even if it’s imported from Europe. Corn and rye have been the most commonly-used crops that fed America during the 19th century. Jack Daniels distillery has been the only one to adopt corn and rye crops to create whiskey.

However, this whiskey did not have any luck with the European customers, since they were opting for Scotch whiskey. Jack Daniels has been said to belong to the bourbons since rye and corn give it a sweeter taste than the one you usually experience.

The Jack Daniels Debate: Is It a Bourbon or a Whiskey?

Since there is a significant disagreement about the true origin of Jack Daniels, let us shed light some spots that may give you a firm answer to this difficult dilemma.

Jack Daniels Usually Comes in Transparent Bottles

This is because you don’t want to see any added color to its substance. Only bourbons can do that. You can explain to your customers that whiskey is a lot more difficult to find and more expensive to enjoy.

Boils in 120 Celsius, Which Is a Characteristic of This Product

Most whiskeys are having a lower boiling point than this. However, the Jack Daniels regular whiskey is actually a bourbon. All alcoholic beverages impose an upper limit to the temperature you can boil them. With Jack Daniels, things are a lot different.

With more caramel added in its synthesis, Jack Daniels continues to be a candidate for the perfect bourbon that you always want to have and enjoy in your collection. Not to mention that many spirits have a special alcoholic grade measure which gives you a precise knowledge about the type of product they are.

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