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What Kind of Scotch Does Ron White Drink?

Ron White has been a great stand up comedian and performer in the United States. He has been a heavy scotch drinker and he has never denied having an obsession with this kind of spirit. The luxury that comes with the single malt whiskey, as well as the unbeatable taste of this product, have made him a great fan.

However, there have been many alterations to his preferences concerning the Scotch whiskey that he was supposed to be drinking in social occasions. Sometimes, Ron White really opted for the blended whiskey that we see in TV commercials, while other times, he was reluctant to support that only single malts that are not widely known give him the satisfaction he needs to go on with stand-up comedy.

Ron White’s Whiskey Preferences

First, Ron White has had a wide knowledge about the way whiskey is produced. Initially, he started drinking the bourbon and Canadian whiskey that is widely available in the United States. As his career skyrocketed, it was time to take the next step in whiskey drinking.

He started thinking that whiskey should be a point of difference between him and all other comedians that show up on TV. This is why he adopted a special single malt whiskey as the one of his characteristics.

Speaking of single malt Scotch whiskey, Ron White has a real love for Talisker. Any type of this single malt whiskey makes him happy and offers him the chance to be more productive after the initial consumption.

No matter the alcoholic grades, Ron White is used to drinking great whiskey portions, feeling only the optimal buzz that everybody feels when he has a single whiskey shot. Nobody can say that Ron White is an alcoholic, but his great love for whiskey may give some people the impression that he has been experiencing some addiction issues with whiskey.

What Is Ron White Looking for in His Whiskey?

Ron White has been a demanding drinker ever since he started consuming such products. His friends and colleagues note that he is giving extra care to the flavor of his whiskey. He is able to pay thousands of dollars to get a special bottle that was distilled several decades ago. And he is buying that only to smell the incredible taste of the years passing by in the alcoholic beverage.

Additionally, Ron White has been really concerned with quality. He needs his single malt whiskey to leave a sweet taste on the side when he finishes his sip. That is why Ron White is always accompanying his single malt with a high-quality cigar, which matches this luxurious experience.

Not to mention that a single malt whiskey that is adequate for Ron White would have special conditions to permit dilution with pure water or ice. Ron really likes to drink his whiskey straight, but depending on the hot weather, he also likes to have the option to add water, ice, or juices to his spirits.

There is a lot to learn by observing the drinking behavior of Ron White. He has been amusing us for years, though he also gives some excellent advice about whiskey consumption and wise drinking.

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