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What Glass Should You Drink Whiskey From?

Modern marketing has given us many glasses to choose from for serving our whiskey. This is all part of the same advertising campaign that dictates more options to make whiskey consumption customized according to your special needs.

We all know that whiskey is not an everyday drink. It is kept for celebrations and meeting with old friends, not only because of its scarcity and high price, but also because of its special character.

Whiskey glasses are covering your need to have extreme variety in the way you are drinking your whiskey. This is a chance to know the most important features of the glasses that are now available for immediate purchase for your precious whiskey products.

Various Glass Models for Your Whiskey

The Tulip-shaped Glass

This is the glass that was used by Spanish people to drink their red wines. It is of exceptional strength and can hold much more whiskey than you really have to consume in every serving.

It has a long stem to prevent your hand from directly touching the glass container of the whiskey. This is important since whiskey should not be warmed by your hands if you are looking for perfection in your drinking experience.

Its best feature is that you can actually smell the vapors of your whiskey easily and give yourself another satisfactory treat when drinking your favorite spirit.

The Classic Whiskey Tumbler

Looking at this type of glass, you will recall all the times you have visited a whiskey bar. This is probably the most commonly-used type of glass to serve whiskey in pubs, bars, and restaurants. It has a huge container that can contain many ice cubes.

Also, you have a great rim diameter so that you can always smell your whiskey. This can give you a chance to admire single malt whiskey better, which is why most of the people are opting for this type of glass.

Finally, this tumbler type of glass has a heavier base that offers you great safety when drinking. There is no chance that, if you leave the glass on the table, the wind could turn the glass over. This is the glass that gives you all you need for your whiskey serving.

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass

This is a special type of glass that combines both the tulip-shaped glass and the brandy type of glasses. It is more rounded at the bottom and has a closer upper rim so that you can easily smell your whiskey.

It also has a shorter stem that allows you to grab it firmly when you need to take a sip. This is the type of glass that is used to taste the single malt whiskey types since it has the greatest ability to reveal the smelling abilities of your product.

Direct touch with your hands may be avoided with this type of glass since you can always grab it from its stem. It is a powerful and steady construction that will not easily break with intense and heavy-duty use.

Being a part of worldwide whiskey marketing, this glass remains the best representative of quality, luxurious whiskey consumption.

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