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What is a Whiskey Sour?

Many drinkers have wondered how they can make their whiskey more suitable for other people who find it heavy for regular drinking. This has been an issue for many people who want to try whiskey, but are discouraged by the strong taste and the high alcoholic grades in it.

This is why the whiskey sour was invented. It is a light cocktail that has whiskey or bourbon as its major component. Mixed with lemon juice, sugar, and sometimes egg whites, this perfect drink has been the innovation of the century for post-war America.

Everybody who wants to taste whiskey but fears the great alcoholic grades is needs to try the whiskey sour. It was primarily invented in southern states, where the warm and humid weather promotes drinking cold brews and chilled cocktails instead of straight Scotch whiskey.

What Is Different About the Whiskey Sour?

As the name implies, the whiskey sour is a lot sweeter that the regular straight whiskey or even bourbon. This has been a necessity in the years after World War II in America, when the consumption of whiskey has started to skyrocket.

Whiskey producers and certain distilleries in Scotland were trying to find smart solutions to make women drink Scotch whiskey. Bartenders around the country proposed to add some lemon juice and sugar to a regular portion of whiskey and finish it with some trimmed ice cubes. This became a phenomenal innovation in bartending as soon as many people realized that a new cocktail has been on the street.

The whiskey sour later included some egg whites so that the mixture has a better texture and touch to your lips. The final result has been for drinkers to experience the real whiskey bitterness in the first place, then end up with the sourness of sugar and lemon juice. All components are well-balanced and the difference from the straight whiskey portion has been substantial.

The Whiskey Sour Targets Younger People

Whiskey producers have realized that sales growth can only be achieved by the inclusion of younger people in the pool of drinkers. This could only be done if a cocktail like the whiskey sour was invented and promoted in places where younger people were hanging out.

When the whiskey sour cocktail started being famous across America, suddenly everybody discovered the special taste of whiskey. Targeting the younger people, whiskey producers have scored to a double target: they have created a direct demand for their whiskey, and they have created potential straight whiskey drinkers that otherwise would have never tasted the product.

Later, other people have imitated this marketing strategy and brought many people close to their spirits. It is well known that new spirits are better promoted if a special tasting campaign is organized. That is why the whiskey sour keeps on thriving in world markets when other drinks have flooded the market.

Only the best whiskey distills have been used in whiskey sour cocktails. This is important to know since people are usually attracted by the quality of the beverages. Often enough, the first impression could be the most important when trying a new beverage. The whiskey sour keeps on being one of the most attractive and popular cocktails in the world markets.


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