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What is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Nobody can really tell the difference between bourbon and whiskey until they finally taste both. Then you can see the real taste alterations that both distills can show you. There is a great story behind the whiskey creation that follows the one of the distilleries.

Most of them started in Scotland and later expanded to Ireland. Then when the first pilgrims immigrated to the United States, they brought their traditional spirits with them. However, the special climate of the Americas, as well as the abundance of different raw materials, provided a totally different product.

That is why the bourbon that has been born out of the American tradition is so different than Scotch whiskey. Here we will further discuss the major differences between the two world-famous products.

Differences Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Many of them reside in the feel of the taste, however they are not spotted only there. Some people can say they are different even from the very first sip. Others need more time to taste each one and tell their own story. Both agree that bourbon and whiskey are two totally different spirits.

Bourbon Has a Different Alcoholic Grade than Whiskey

People who have tried both believe that bourbon is a lot lighter than whiskey in terms of its alcohol content. The more distilled a product, the greater the alcoholic grade that can either enhance or ruin the taste of a drink

Whiskey Needs to Mature for at Least Three Years

This is not a prerequisite for bourbon. You can try some tasty bourbons that only have stayed in the cask for a year. However, no alcoholic beverage can be called whiskey if it has not spent at least three years in its cask.

Different Raw Materials Giving Them a Different Tastes

Bourbon is sweeter than whiskey since it is made of rye or corn. However, there is no chance you can make whiskey without barley, which is the main ingredient in real whiskey spirits.

Advertised for Different Demographics of the Population

Whiskey is a beverage for men seeking company with their male friends. However, bourbon is lighter and tasty, encouraging women to enjoy it as much as other drinks. That is why whiskey has a different approach in marketing than bourbon.

Bourbon Is Easy to Color

Many bourbon distillers are adding color to make bourbon more tempting for the public. However, when it comes to Scotch whiskey, there is no need for added caramel color since most drinkers prefer to enjoy it in its natural state.

Reasons to Prefer Bourbon over Whiskey

Now that you have seen the main differences between the two spirits, it’s up to you to choose the most suitable for you. Bourbon can be used as an aperitif, while whiskey is always a proud drink you can drink by itself only.

There is no way you can mix whiskey with sodas or other condiments. However, when it comes to bourbon, you can always add it to cocktails and other spirits to spread its sweet taste.

Finally, when you need something strong to give you courage to perform extraordinary things, then you better try whiskey. Its crisp and straight taste will make you feel prominent and successful.


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