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What is the Difference between Scotch and Whiskey?

Many people don’t know the difference between scotch and whiskey. However, the difference is significant since the two products are made from completely different grains. All whiskey drinkers are well-informed about the benefits of these two spirits. Many distilleries are also getting new casks to try to find ways to attract more people.

Whiskey and scotch have the same origin, but they have traveled different paths through the years. When the first pilgrims immigrated to the Americas, they brought the tradition of scotch with them. Although the weather conditions across the Atlantic are quite different, it has always been possible to create some great spirits.

What Is the Origin of Scotch?

Pure scotch whiskey is a spirit that you can enjoy only in the Highlands of Scotland. This is the place where the most distilleries have been founded and still operate. They use water reserves from the local rivers and grow their own barley, which they turn into alcohol and finally whiskey.

Scotch has a brisk, bitter taste that doesn’t resemble to any other spirit you have ever tried. It has an aroma and flavor that comes from the cask it matures in. Despite its bitterness, Scotch whiskey is famous for the special vanilla or smoky senses that you can discover in it.

Another great aspect of Scotch whiskey is that it can be diluted with water and ice. This happens without any alteration to its special flavor and can make you drink it like crazy. Sometimes, adding some ice to your Scotch whiskey can reveal its aromas a lot faster and easier.

Whiskey is a Totally Different Spirit

When it comes to normal whiskey, this refers to the American way of blending. Many people think that the world-famous American bourbon is a lighter version of Scotch whiskey.

In America, the most common crops to grow are rye and corn. This is why all modern whiskeys which are made from these two grains are a totally different product from Scotch whiskey. Bourbons consist of a mixture of these two crops or sometimes a single grain.

Their taste is less bitter that Scotch whiskey and can be compared to the sweet spirits. However, bourbons having great alcoholic grades which can be compared to those of regular Scotch whiskey.

There is certainly no difference in the number of calories you are taking when drinking these two spirits. The most prominent whiskey drinkers are getting the same joy and excitement when drinking whiskey or scotch.

When you compare the two drinks, it is obvious that no one can state absolute differences between them. They have a common origin, but their final taste differs according to the area where they are produced and the casks they are matured in.

Be prepared to switch between these two whiskey variations every time you decide to cross the Atlantic. Americans opt for bourbon-style whiskey, while Englishmen always prefer Scotch whiskey.

The world is turning around these two spirits that are moving the world trade of alcoholic beverages. No matter the differences, all drinkers equally enjoy drinking either of them.

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